Wadi Rum: Wanderlust & Desert Dust


When Imagine Asia Specialist Cherylle went to Jordan she knew a trip to Wadi Rum was a must, in fact it was the part of this trip that she was looking forward to most. Here, she tells us all about it.

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Having watched films such as the Martian, I had high expectations ahead of my my visit to Wadi Rum, and it certainly did not disappoint. On arrival it was more spectacular than I could ever have imagined… it really does feel like you are on Mars! Staying at one of the tented camps, I was excited to sleep under the stars and be hosted by some local Bedouins. It lived up to all my dreams and expectations.

Wadi Rum Tents

There is something very magical about being in the desert, big open spaces with just the sight of camels in the distance, it’s so peaceful. Stargazing is something I am really interested in and even though we had a full moon, the stars where still visible. Sitting around a fire, sipping hot Bedouin tea and listening to tales of the desert was an experience I will never forget.

Getting up at 04.30 for the sunrise was probably the best part of the trip for me, I embarked on a 30-minute camel ride to the best spot and was greeted by a man-made fire and hot cups of Bedouin tea. I then watched in awe as the sunrise made the sandstone and sand look even more electric orange.

I know Jordan is famous for Petra – which is certainly spectacular – but I must say that Wadi Rum is a must do for any visitor! Silence, stars, sandstone, camels, lots of tea and fresh food (the hummus and pita bread was particularly delicious).

If you love adventure there is plenty to keep you occupied, scrambling up to the Burdah Rock Bridge is a must – those who are not so keen on heights can take a 4×4 car and hike across the sand dunes which is an equally fun way to see this UNESCO World Heritage site at its best.

Wadi Rum Camels

Did you know that Wadi Rum is an unpopulated area which is the same size as New York City? The town of Wadi Rum is home to 3,000 people, and after meeting some of the locals it’s easy to see how much they love the desert, their ‘back garden’ as they describe it. It certainly is a very special place for them and they are adamant that they don’t want it to become spoiled by too many camps (there are currently around 150). Most camps are very simple and run by local Bedouins, so guests will experience a peaceful time with no WiFi or phone signal, just time to gather your thoughts. A visit to this desert wilderness is one for the bucket list and unlike anywhere else you’ll ever see.

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