The Great Imagine Treasure Hunt Extravaganza











Last week, Imagine Travel embarked on what can only be described as the photo treasure hunt of the year, spending the best part of three hours running around London gathering photo evidence of different “treasures” in order to collect points. The best part is that the whole thing was a surprise.

So what actually happened?

At 5pm work stopped  abruptly and we were taken downstairs to eagerly wait for the surprise to be announced. We were split into five teams, given a list of “treasures” that were various embarrassing/daring/some say crazy acts that were to be photographed with polaroid cameras, and told that our taxis were waiting. We had three hours. Feeling like participants in “The Apprentice”, mass panic ensued as cameras were grabbed, plans were drafted, and the phrase “it’s the taking part that counts” slowly disappeared from everyone’s minds…

Why, you ask? Good question.

It was all an act of team bonding, a bit of fun, an indulgence in some healthy competitiveness and a chance to explore this awesome city that is right on our doorstep. And for the prizes of course. Here’s the low down of the event and some thoughts from the team.

"How's your view"

“How’s your view?”

Bjorn and Evelina try and figure out the camera...

Bjorn and Evelina try and figure out the camera…


Taxis were taken to various spots around Central London, most of them stopping at a bar or two, where the team’s masterminds talked strategies. We had until 8pm to be in Covent Garden – let the games begin.

"Treasures" included sitting on a Trafalgar Square Lion

“Treasures” included sitting on a Trafalgar Square Lion


Making a human statue as part of a street art performance





Busking was on the bucket list...

Busking was on the bucket list…




"I can't believe we all fit in here...!"

“I can’t believe we all fit in here!”











At 8pm sharp, (points were deducted for lateness) we met in a bar in Covent Garden to go through the photos and have a drink. This quickly disintegrated into chaos as the pride and enthusiasm of each team took over, and a mass scramble to show Ben their photos made the judging impossible at this moment. It was decided that perhaps tomorrow would be a better time to continue the judging process…

We met in Covent Garden to judge the photos and have dinner

Photos of the “treasures”


Yura and Evelina








Once the judging was abandoned – food was ordered and so the were drinks.

Photo judging soon led to other more important pursuits...

Photo judging soon led to other more important pursuits…


Dinner and drinks








Team bonding

Team bonding


Making new friends








All in all, the objectives of the treasure hunt were achieved. We bonded as a team, we had a lot of fun, we did things we never thought we’d see each other doing, (public proposals and ice bucket challenges come to mind) and we saw all that London has to offer.

Here are some final thoughts and favourite moments from the team:

Nick: “We should have won, we were robbed”

Ric: “I got engaged, spent a lot of time in toy shops, hunted a dragon, drove a Rolls Royce, nearly knocked over a giraffe, discovered I wasn’t made for trespassing and ended up in a mosh pit. No wonder we won…!’’

Matt: “A tipsy Ali Walls walking down the street with a polaroid slung around his neck and orange balloons floating above him…priceless.”

Anton: “My Favourite 3 moments were: 1) walking into the bar seeing the whole team there all peacocking about how great they were, it was such a  laugh, 2) the shock factor of the ice bucket challenge and 3) watching Ali ‘Own the bar'”

Ali: “Brilliant. Great idea, beautifully planned and a hell of a lot of fun!!”

Emily: “Wow, what a fun, fast day! I think all my team would agree that my competitive side came out. The shock of not winning is still with me!!”

I think special recognition should go to Team 5, who “forgot” to take three extra rolls of film and managed to cram 26 treasures into 9 photos. Well done guys.

All of the photos from the event

All of the polaroids about to be hung up on the wall in our office


Team Three: Jo, Pete, Tom H, Ric, Anna and Tessa (unlucky Team Four)

Individual Awards:

Anton for his ice bucket challenge ambush; Nathan for his proposal to Evelina in Covent Garden to an audience of hundreds (literally)




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