Beautiful Bhutan

Bhutan Crane

There is nothing quite like the peaceful and colourful country that is Bhutan.  Here, our Asia Specialist Cherylle tells us why this magical Himalayan kingdom blew her away.

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Bhutan is a place of gorgeous open valleys which are home to the black neck crane and many other wonderful bird life…the beauty of this country is breath-taking. It is also completely carbon negative – in fact it has a complete ban on smoking to retain its title – and it really showed as I hiked through its gorgeous mountains! Everywhere I turned there was a new spectacular sight: the tree lines are spectacular and the snow-capped mountains just top of a wonderful view.

I was also lucky enough to witness one of Bhutan’s magnificent festivals which was full of colour and culture. This cultural extravaganza features many intricately designed masks and carefully practiced dance moves performed to 1000’s of people in honour of the country’s king.

Bhutan is also a treasure-trove of unique experiences, for example when visiting Thimpu I was able to get stamps made with a picture of myself, which was a lot of fun. In Gangtey I was able to witness the migration of the black necked crane, a bird that comes from Tibet each year without fail. My all-time favourite was the hike to Tiger’s Nest Temple, the reward at the top was views of Paro Valley which were absolutely worth the uphill hike.

A must do in Bhutan is indulging in a hot stone bath, I have never seen this anywhere else in the world. Soaking up the minerals from the hot stone whilst relaxing in hot water and taking in the most stunning views is a memory I wont forget in a hurry.

Bhutan is a hidden gem: its pure air, stunning scenery, friendly locals and gorgeous festivals are all a must for anyone’s bucket list.

Archery in Bhutan

Get in touch with our specialists today on 020 3553 0848 to plan your next adventure in Bhutan.
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