The Tikki Hywood Foundation

Protecting pangolins

We have recently partnered with The Tikki Hywood Foundation, who work hard to protect pangolins and Africa’s other lesser-known endangered species through conservation, education and legislation.

What is a pangolin?

The pangolin is a relatively little-known animal. There are four different species of pangolin found in Africa, and another four in Asia. They are solitary creatures and are primarily nocturnal, meaning seeing them while on safari is rare, but very rewarding. They are recognisable by their full armour of large scales, which are made of keratin, the same substance found in nails and hair. They slurp up ants and termites with their long, sticky tongues, which, when fully extended, are longer in length than their head and body combined. When threatened, they curl up into a tight, almost impenetrable ball to protect their tender undersides.

Tikki Hywood FoundationWhy do pangolins need our help?

The pangolin is believed to be the most trafficked animal in the world, and all eight species are threatened with extinction. Illegal trade, lack of awareness and habitat loss are all contributing factors in the plight of the pangolin. The Tikki Hywood Foundation addresses all of these issues, with a huge focus on training law enforcement and judiciary personnel, rehabilitating trafficked pangolins and heightening public awareness.

What are we doing?

From every holiday we sell, we put a small amount of money into the Imagine Travel Charitable Fund, which is split between a handful of charities close to our hearts. The Tikki Hywood Foundaton is our newest charity partner. As well as supporting them financially, we are committed to helping them raise awareness of the need to protect the pangolin and other little-known endangered species, including servals, otters, hedgehogs and wild cats. Projects we are helping them on include the rescue, rehabilitation and release of trafficked animals, as well as awareness campaigns targeting local African authorities and major airports in Zimbabwe.


For more information on the other charities we support, take a look at the Imagine Travel Charitable Fund.
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