Latin America in Spring

Travelling in spring means cheaper flights and accommodation, and avoiding large crowds before the summer sets in. Not to go unmentioned is escaping the April showers and making the most of the May bank holidays. It is a fantastic time to travel and given that it is”low season”, there’s still availability for this year!

We’ve had the specialists on the case coming up with a list of where they think is best to go at this time of the year…take a look and get inspired by our holiday ideas below… or simply just get in touch with us on 020 3141 2840 to speak to a specialist right away…

Luxury Cuba Holidays
Luxury Argentina Holidays
Luxury Brazil Holidays


Cuba is one of the hottest destinations for 2015. Despite communist rule, Cuba does not follow the stereotype of a bleak communist country; on the contrary, the streets are teeming with life and exuberance. The famous palm fringed beaches will not disappoint – they are an idyllic haven to soak up the sun with a Cuban mojito. So, what is so good about travelling here between this April and June?

  • Recent changes to the embargo on American travellers means that Cuba will have a significant rise in the number of tourists. Prices will rise as well as an increase in development.
  • July through to October is also hurricane season so getting there before this happens is wise!
  • The weather is at a pleasant 25°C-27°C.

Luxury Cuba Holidays
Luxury Cuba Holidays


The diverse array of natural phenomena and intoxicatingly, infectious culture are huge draws for holidaying to Argentina. From the baron salt flats of Salta, the ferocious torrents of Iguazu falls, and a trip to the ‘End of the World’, there’s plenty to leave you in awe. Get a taste of Argentinian life and venture to the Parrillas to enjoy some of the best steaks in the world and of course, a trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing a tango show in Buenos Aires. Here are some reasons our specialists voted for Argentina to be visited this Spring:

  • The grape harvest in Mendoza falls in between the months of May and April making it an excellent time to tour around the vineyards.
  • In terms of temperature, it is the most pleasant time to visit Buenos Aires.
  • Great conditions to visit Iguazu, slightly cooler although still hot and more trails are open to explore in the park around this time of year.

Luxury Argentina Holidays
Luxury Argentina Holidays


South America’s giant is home to plethora of natural wonder ranging from the greatness of the Amazon and Pantanal to its endless, exquisite coastline. In addition to these breath-taking landscapes, Brazil has an incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna. Brazil’s cultural mix makes for a fantastic experience. Brazil’s sheer size and diversity of landscape and climates make it an all year round destination but it’s important to know where to go and when. Here’s a few tips from our specialists:

  • North East of Brazil is a wonderful place to go at this time of year.
  • Take advantage of lower prices and higher availability, as the whole of Brazil (even though some places are at their best) is outside of peak season.
  • Even though the Amazon is not at its warmest this time of year, you will get much greater chances of seeing wildlife at this time of year.

Luxury Brazil Holidays
Luxury Brazil Holidays

In addition to these three fantastic destinations another itinerary we highly recommend for this time of year is our Ecuador, Peru, Galapagos Trip, 13 nights from £3,289pp – and here is why:

  • Unvaried seasons mean most of the wildlife on the Galapagos island never migrate (except for the Waved Albatross when they migrate to the island around spring early summer time) and so you will be able to catch a glimpse at all wildlife.
  • Conditions for trekking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu are at their most ideal and it is much less crowded during April-June as it is outside peak season.
  • Off of the back of the rainy season which ends in March, Quito experiences great weather between April and June making sightseeing and other outdoor activities perfect.
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