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ITNewArrivals9Imagine Travel are this year celebrating a decade of providing tailor made holidays around the world – from Africa, Asia and India to the Americas. Rather than look back, we’re looking forward and always looking for new destinations and travel hot spots. We share a few of our favourites right now here:


ITNewArrivals5Alaska is the big new destination for Imagine North America, offering amazing wildlife and epic, pristine landscapes on a scale impossible to experience anywhere else in the world. It’s more than twice the size of Texas, boasts America’s highest peak, Mount McKinley, rising up to more than 6 km, and is home to Wrangell-St Elias, the largest national park and Tongass, the biggest forest in the USA. Even the days are long with 20 hours of daylight during the summer months, providing plenty of time to experience Alaska’s wilderness and its abundance of brown bears, eagles and whales.

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From Girdwood, take a helicopter to the Chugach range for dog sledging pulled by a team of huskies over the glaciers.


ITNewArrivals5Bhutan is unlike anywhere else you have ever been. It’s less than 40 years since this remote Himalayan kingdom opened its borders to foreign visitors. Since then it has become internationally famous for its insistence on measuring the prosperity of the nation in terms of Gross National Happiness – GNH rather than GDP. Now the United Nations is studying how the rest of the world can learn from Bhutan. Even the most seasoned traveller will be swept away by the staggering beauty of the natural environment, the rich and unique Buddhist culture with hundreds of historic monasteries and temples, and the overwhelming kindness of the people.

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Head to Gangtey, located in a glacial valley on the western slopes of the Black Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Bhutan.

For inspiration, check out our Simply Bhutan itinerary – prices starting from £2,770pp.


ITNewArrivals5Ethiopia has been casting a spell on foreign travellers since the days of the Crusaders. With its exotic cultural heritage and enchanting history stretching back to the Biblical meeting of Solomon and Sheba, it guarantees a holiday adventure unlike anywhere else. From the lunar-like landscapes of the Danakil in the north to the mighty mountains and lakes of the Great Rift Valley, with castles, underground tombs, churches hewn out of solid rock, ancient monasteries, bustling market towns, unique wildlife, and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites (the most of any African country), Ethiopia has a menu of experiences to tempt even the most jaded globetrotting palette.

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Explore ancient churches hewn out of red rock in the beautiful religious site of Lalibela – all churches are still in use and are really rather magical.

Please check out our Discover Ethiopia itinerary.


ITNewArrivals5It is thrilling news for travellers that Nicaragua – a country that is so beautiful and culturally vibrant –is shaking off the troubles of its recent past and unveiling its natural assets to become one of the world’s most enigmatic and exciting new adventure holiday destinations. Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, it is a heady mixture of primal rainforests, crystalline coves, expansive crater
lakes, dramatic volcanoes, flourishing lowlands, and fine colonial cities like Granada and León with their churches and museums. With 76 protected areas covering a fifth of the country’s landmass, Nicaragua is rapidly becoming the eco-tourism destination of choice.

Don’t miss
Take a boat to the peaceful, laid-back Corn Islands. Their seductive shorelines, ringed by palm trees and unspoilt white sand beaches, are something very special.

Take a look at the Highlights of Nicaragua.
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