Imagine Africa’s Top 4 Diving Destinations

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Africa is renowned the world over for its diving sites. Here we present you with our Top 4 choices…

1. Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

The rich marine life off the Quirimbas archipelago

Consisting of over fifty coral islands, the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique has recently been granted protection status in the form of the Quirimbas National Park. The 7,500 km sq. park has some of the richest coral reefs on the continent and provides a habitat for a rich and abundant marine life. From shallow Coral Reefs for the learner diver, to big dramatic drop offs for the more experienced, there is something for everyone here in one of the richest most beautiful marine environments in the world.

The Azura at Quilalea

We recommend that you stay at Azura at Quilela.

2. Rocktail Bay, South Africa

Ragged-Tooth Shark

Stretching north from the St Lucia Wetlands to the Mozambique border, the whole Maputaland region has been declared a World Heritage Site. From a scuba diving perspective, Rocktail Bay is unique. Not only is the diving conducted within a Reserve and World Heritage Site along unspoiled reefs, but divers have the luxury of knowing that they alone have access to these sites and are the only underwater visitors along this stretch of the coastline. Diving is excellent all year round, with the different seasons bringing a variety of wonders to the coast. One of the highlights in the summer months is diving with docile, pregnant Ragged-tooth Sharks when they migrate up north to our area and rest in the caves in the reefs.

The secluded Rocktail Bay Lodge

We recommend that you stay in Rocktail Beach Lodge.

3. Denis Island, Seychelles

Coral reef in the Seychelles

The Seychelles are an archipelago of 115 coral and granite islands spread like gemstones across a million square kilometres of the southwest Indian Ocean. Seychelles offer some of the world’s best diving. Warm tropical waters and an abundance of colourful marine life ensure a memorable diving experience all year round. Denis Island offers excellent opportunities for water sports. The sheltered turquoise lagoons are ideal for snorkelling and the crystal clear waters surrounding the coral reef ensure Denis Island is one of the finest areas for diving in the Seychelles thanks to its location next to the deep Seychelles bank.

Denis Island

We recommend staying at Denis Island Private.

4. Pemba Island, Tanzania

A deep channel separating Pemba Island

The traditional villages on Pemba are primarily in the interior and have had little impact on the coast. Consequently the coral reefs around Pemba are largely in pristine condition and the Island is now listed as one of the top dive spots in East Africa, with dazzling coral gardens and a vast array of marine life. At present only the dive sites on the west and south coasts have been explored – so there are also exciting opportunities for exploratory diving. This is a perfect spot for experienced or learner divers to hone their underwater skills.

Dine on the beach at Fundu Lagoon

We recommend staying at Fundu Lagoon.

If you’re a passionate diver… looking to discover a new spot and one of the above intrigues you, then please contact us for more information on 020 3141 2810.

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