What to do in Colombia!


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Colombia is a country filled with picturesque coastlines, bustling cities, colonial charm and diverse landscapes. With so much to see and do, we thought we would help you out and highlight our top five things to do in Colombia:

TayronaTayrona National Park

Visiting Tayrona National Park is an absolute must whilst on holiday in Colombia. This beautiful marine and coastal park offers deserted and rugged beaches with a back drop of snow-capped mountains.

Due to the vast size (it continues for 85Km), there are plenty of fantastic walks and nature trails. We recommend trekking through the jungle and then taking a dip in the warm Caribbean waters.

Tayrona National Park assures beach lounging with deep bays, pelican-filled white sands, coconut palms, and glistening waters.The enormous variety of flora and fauna on offer here, as well as its rich culture make it a must on any bucketlist whilst in Colombia.

Cabeza-Plaza_BoteroExplore Botero Statues in Medellin

Fernando Botero is easily the most famous Colombian artist. His sculptures, paintings and drawings have become internationally recognised for their brilliance. His signature style, known as Boterismo, is to play with concepts of proportion. His statues are scattered across Medellin, but the best place to see them is in the centre of Medellin at Plaza Botero. Here, you can enjoy many of Botero’s sculptures of bulging bodies and short men where nudity and animals are a common theme (man on the horse is our personal favourite).

Coffee cherriesCoffee Triangle

Colombian coffee is second to none and a trip to the Coffee Triangle cannot be missed.

The triangle encompasses the cities Armenia, Manizales and Pereira, but the main draw is the rural areas and plantations. Most of the accommodation is converted farm houses or haciendas with great views and serving delicious, seasonal food.

Take a tour of the coffee farms and order little tinto cups in the cafes and restaurants. After a day of learning about coffee, why not enjoy relaxing in one of the numerous thermal springs. Plus, if you’re not a coffee drinker, a trip here will not be wasted; the coffee triangle is also home to rare fauna and flora, including the surprisingly tall and spindly wax palm trees.

Cartagena 2Exploring the Old colonial town of Cartagena

Cartagena, on the Northern coast of Colombia, is a beautiful seaside city with lots of history. The inner-walled town is filled with colonial architecture; you’ll find churches, plazas and mansions all contained in an area small enough to walk and explore.

The old town is the only walled city in the Americas and was built in such a way to protect the town from enemies. Various problems of finance, weather, workforce and military strategy meant it took over 200 years to complete! We would advise having a leisurely wonder around the old town, admiring the richness of colonial architecture and enjoying the local shops, cafes and street food stalls along the way.


Undoubtedly one of the most interesting museums in Latin America, Bogota‘s Museo de Oro (translation as the Gold Museum) , contains pieces of gold and other materials from all the major pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia. In total, there is more than 55,000 pieces of gold in the museum.

Head to the second floor to see pre-Hispanic goldsmith work from a variety of different cultures throughout Colombia before the Spanish arrived. On the third floor there  is the ‘offering’ room which explains how gold was used in rituals.

Inspired to visit Colombia? If you want to find out more, feel free to contact one of our specialists on 020 3141 2840
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