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Kerala's peaceful Backwaters

A slice of calm in frenetic India

We recently sent our travel specialist Cherylle out to southern India, to experience the laid-back atmosphere of this part of the country. Here, she tells us all about her trip… On my first visit to India, I couldn’t quite believe how crazy and colourful a country it was – a bittersweet combination of madness versus sanity! But more »

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Ric’s Top 10 photos of the Indian Subcontinent

I love taking photos and to me, there is no better place to take photos than around the Indian Subcontinent. The rich colours, friendly people, varied landscapes, over-populated cities and stunning countryside mean it is a haven for taking great pictures. Here are my top 10 photos from my travels around the Subcontinent. If you are more »

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Amber fort

India’s Golden Triangle

One of the most popular and exciting experiences for travellers in India is the spectacular Golden Triangle. India’s Golden Triangle is made up of the three most-visited cities in the north of India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – and is so called because of the triangular shape formed by the three cities on a  more »

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The new and improved India e-Tourist visa is now live!

India, a country of vibrant bazaars, golden sandy beaches, soaring Himalayas and a diverse culture, is ever-changing and rapidly developing. Recently, the Indian Government have changed the visa system, introducing a new e-Tourist Visa which allows UK citizens to apply and pay for visas online. This visa is designed for tourists wanting to stay in the country for more »

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My Journey to The Golden Temple

  I like Islands. There is something thrilling about heading out to a little piece of isolation. I revel in the importance of a piece of the planet completely cut off from the laws of the land. You feel like anything just might happen. One place I never expected to find such departure from what more »

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Indian Takeaway

  I vividly remember arriving in India for the first time. After an odyssey of connections through Moscow and Tashkent, I landed in Calcutta at midnight in the middle of monsoon season to be faced with an unnerving ride through the slums to where I was staying. The car stopped frequently and faces would peer more »

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